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A shared letter to Senator Patty Murray, and Senator Maria Cantwell

This letter was shared with WashTech by the writer, and is posted here by their permission. The person did sign the letter when it was sent to the senators, but has asked to remain anonymous here. If you share these opinions, please express them to your own senators and congressman. – WashTech

Conversation: OUTSOURCING

Dear Senator,

I am incensed that large American Corporations are shipping our jobs overseas — eg India. When we have a 10% unemployment rate these companies should not be getting tax breaks. They should be getting tax penalties. H1B1 visas should be frozen or reduced.

If you want a non humorous look at the situation watch the show ‘Outsourced’ on NBC. Go to NBC.com, search on “Outsourced” and watch the pilot. I love the Indian people, but they are being used and the American people are being abused.

If outsourcing is an honorable thing to do, why is it that these outsourced call centers pretend to be in the United States, using US names, and lying as to where they are actually operating from? If it were an honest, honorable thing to do would this be going on, the lying and deception? Why are the Indian people being ‘forced’ to adopt our names and hide their culture?

Microsoft advertised during this show as they are one of the worst offenders — not a surprise.

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  • Kate says:

    I’m participating in a discussion at CrooksAndLiars.com, in which someone is asking for proof that the U.S. has more than “a few old COBOL programmers” who are more highly qualified than the imported H1B workers. Where do I find this proof?

    And why does the textbox into which I type my comment center everything?

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